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New users who do not enter their real name during the registration process will not have their account activated.

If you are no longer a member of EKAM your account will have been deleted. List last purged on 10 June 2019.

Please read this before you register

You will have noticed that there is a Login Form on this page.  Users may register themselves with the site by creating an account. We do ask, however, that during the registration process you enter your real name in addition to a username.  Registrations without a proper real name will be rejected and will be cross-checked with the current membership database.  Your real name will NOT be displayed on the site.

Once your registration has been verified you will be able to log on and access the additional material on the site.

The list of registered members will be purged periodically, usual at the end of the membership year.  It is important, therefore, to renew your membership of the club in good time to avoid being removed from the list of registered users of this site.