Now that we have your attention it is safe to tell you that advanced motorcycling is NOT one of the Dark Arts at all.  There is no magic - other than that magical feeling you get when, having applied the advanced skills, you drift effortlessly through the busiest traffic or smoothly wend your way around twisty country lanes.

Watching an advanced rider work his or her way through busy traffic in a calm and unflustered manner and always seeming to find that gap in the traffic which allows them to make progress should, more rightly, be considered poetry in motion.

On the Dark Arts pages in the menu above you will find out about just a few of the skills that EKAM can help you acquire to make you a better and safer motorcyclist and increase the fun factor into the bargain.  Be warned, however, that putting some of these ideas into practice could lead to difficulties without proper care and guidance; which is where EKAM comes into the equation by providing that guidance.

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