There are many opportunities throughout the year to enjoy an organised ride out with other club members (see the club events list) and IAMRoadSmart have set out certain guidelines which the club are obliged to follow.  The following information is extracted from those guidelines, copies of which are held by all Observers.

The Law

Traffic laws must be obeyed at all times when riding on the Public Highway.  At no time when participating in a Group Organised Ride will any person riding in the group be expected or required to act illegally.  If there is a conflict between this Guide and the Law, the latter must take precedence.


Please note the following applies to the full members rides held on the Sunday following Club Night.  Associates should check out this page for information on Associate Social Rides.

The following may take part in a Group Organised Social Ride:

  • National and Local Observers & Trainee Observers (who must be fully paid-up IAM and Group members),
  • Members (fully paid-up members of both the IAM and Group),
  • Associates must have the agreement of his or her Observer before joining the ride, and
  • Members/Observers from other groups.  They may be asked to show their membership cards.

Please note that non-members are not permitted on club organised social rides.

Any queries regarding social ride eligibility should be addressed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meeting Point

The majority of group rides will start in Ashford, near the Sainsbury's petrol station just off Simone Weil Avenue.  Attendees should be ready to ride, with a full tank and an empty bladder, by 9:15 a.m. for the pre-ride briefing and departure at 9:30.

During the winter months of November to February these times are modified, with assembly at 10:45 a.m. for an 11:00 a.m. departure.

Pre-Ride Briefing

This is intended to be a fun social outing.  Associates are welcome, but this rideout is not part of the EKAM Observing program. Please remember that your safety is your own responsibility, you should ride at your own pace and within your own abilities. You should comply with the law at all times.


The format of the rideout will vary depending on the number of bikes taking part, the intended route and the ability of those present.  We may use the drop off system, the buddy system or divide into smaller groups. If you are unsure of the system to be used, or the route, please speak to the ride leader.


Especially during the winter months (November to February) the ride will only take place if the weather conditions permit a safe and enjoyable ride. This will be at the ride leader's discretion, but if the following conditions are forecast for late morning on the day of the ride, then expect the ride to be cancelled: -

  • Temperatures of 3°C or below
  • Snow fall
  • Heavy/Torrential Rain
  • Dangerously gusting/strong Winds
  • Met Office Advice to stay off the roads

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