Club Member of the Year
The EKAM Trophy
Chairman's Award Test Pass of the Year Enhanced Advanced Trophy
(Member's Assessment
Trophy from 2018)
1994 Rex Piles      
1997 Jim Smallwood   John Hull  
1998 Nigel Stevens   Greg West  
1999 Jim Smallwood   Danielle Neat  
2000 Mark Andrews   Claire Cooper  
2001 Ian Lancefield      
2002 Karen Reeves      
2003 David Andrews David Andrews/John Hull    
2004 Kay Hull Ian Booth Steve Morphett  
2005 Philip West Malcolm Gunton/Brian Baker Clive Ward  
2006 Sam Symington Janice Lancefield Paul Brown  
2007 Martin Nash Charles Tassell Malcolm Goldsack  
2008 David Collings Paul Lane Ian Siggers  
2009 Richard Ayling Philip West David Rolfe  
2010 Brian Baker Joanne Wells Kevin Nicholls  
2011 Paul Lane Kevin Nicholls    
2012 Eddie Smith Mark Owen    
2013 Mark Owen / Dave Rolfe Ian & Janice Lancefield    
2014 Sarah Farbrace Trevor Shearsmith   Chris Milne
2015 Leigh Gubb Sarah Farbrace   Stuart Cowley-Wenham
2016 Kevin Nicholls Nigel Stevens   Paul Slater
2017 Mark Owen Dave Andrews   Mark Collins
2018 Sarah Farbrace Ian Lancefield Peter Kingsley Simon Sweeting
2019 Dave Rolfe Philip West Spencer Stacey Johann Pieterse
2020 John Barry Leigh Gubb Neil Watson Albert Parsonage
Chris Owen Eddie Smith Steve Bell Kai Herbert
Ian & Janice Lancefield Richard Pearce Peter Hewitt & Daniel Beckham Mark Mascall
Sarah Farbrace Sarah Farbrace Matthew Willmore & Richard Pickering Jon Whittle


The EKAM Trophy is awarded annually following a ballot of members at the Annual General Meeting to the member who has contributed to the work of the club behind the scenes.

The Chairman's Award is made annually at the Annual General Meeting at the Chairman's discretion.

Test Pass of the Year was awarded annually to the rider who, in the opinion of the examiners, gave the best overall performance on test.  The award was discontinued in 2010 when the number of examiners increased to the point where it was not possible to make a fair assessment.  It has been reinstituted from 2018.

Enhanced Advanced Trophy was instituted in 2014.  The EA test was only conducted by one examiner. From 2018 this has been renamed the Member Assessment Award.

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