You've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and, more importantly, got an Advanced Rider Test Certificate hanging on your wall.  Many members over the years have felt that there should be something more to achieve and IAM RoadSmart have a number of options you can persue as a fully paid up member.

The first option, and arguably the most popular, is the Members Riding Assessment.  Full information about this option can be read HERE.

The second option is to become a Fellow.  IAM RoadSmart maintain a special register of Fellows and you agree to a re-test every three years.  Although the membership fee is slightly higher, at £49 per year, than standard IAM RoadSmart membership (£36 per year) it does include the re-test fee.  If you passed your Advanced Rider Test less than three years ago you can just apply.  If your test was more than three years ago you can apply for the re-test and pay the fee of £39.  If you wish to retake the Advanced Rider Course from scratch then this will cost £99.  Full information on this option is provided on the IAM RoadSmart website HERE.

The final option is to take the Masters.  This provides the highest level of qualification available to civilian riders and requires a re-test every five years.  The test is conducted by an IAM RoadSmart regional examiner - the same guys that have to assess and qualify the National Observers - and is conducted outside of our normal area.  The Master Rider Course, consisting of six mentored sessions, will cost £299 but EKAM has a limited budget to contribute a portion of the fee (currently £125) upon completing the test.  The re-test and five-yearly requalification fee is currently £249 although it is understood that this is currently under review by IAM RoadSmart.  Full information on this option is provided on the IAM RoadSmart website HERE.

Please bear in mind that the above options are ONLY available to full IAM RoadSmart members

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