The Observer Corps is made up from volunteers who have successfully completed the IAM Advanced Riding Test and have continued with their training to become members of the Observer Corps and now give up their time freely to assist others to become safer, better riders.

East Kent Advanced Motorcyclist Observer Corps will at all times:

  •     Act with integrity, honesty and professionalism.
  •     Be proactive and supportive in the development of associates to meet their individual needs.
  •     Demonstrate fairness, empathy and integrity to all.
  •     Promote the protection of the environment, and the health, safety and well being of associates and other road users.
  •     Promote a duty of care to all associates.
  •     Provide a theory classroom based input on Advanced Riding techniques.
  •     Provide on-road guidance for associates and full members providing practical examples to assist you to improve your riding skills.
  •     Provide feedback and documentation to ensure continuous development.
  •     Provide a point of contact with regard to training matters.

Associates attending training are expected to:

  •     Wear appropriate motorcycle clothing befitting an advanced rider.
  •     Ensure their motorcycle is in a road worthy legal condition at all times.
  •     Confirm you have signed the IAM Declaration Document.
  •     Complete any development plan provided by the Observer within a reasonable time.
  •     Attend promptly for all arranged training sessions – advising your Observer of any delay or necessary cancellation.
  •     Act with integrity and honesty at all times.
  •     Be aware that changes at short notice may occur but the Observer Corps will try to minimise any change.
  •     Highlight any issues that may have an effect on their training/development.
  •     Contribute to the Observers costs for fuel (currently £15 per session).
  •     Mobile phones to be switched off whilst in classroom sessions.

Should the associate have any concern or complaint at any time they should contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The EKAM Observer Corps

Chief Observer - Paul Slater

National Observers

Ian Lancefield    David Moore    Chris Owen    Clive Owen    Roger Pitt
John Roberts    Paul Slater    Nigel Wright

Local Observers

Sarah Farbrace    Peter Ferguson    Leigh Gubb Trevor Purland
Nigel Stevens    Derek Taylor    Allen Webb    Philip West

Observer Coordinator - Philip West