This document records the responsibilities of the EKAM National Observers and Team Leaders.

  • Conduct pre-test check rides as requested by Observers within their Team and provide feedback to Chief Observer to collate trends etc.
  • Review Associates progress with Observers within their Team as necessary.
  • Refer non-performing/non-attending Associates to EKAM Co-ordinator for review against Observer/Associate Charter.
  • "Pool" non-performing Associates or reallocate if necessary in consultation with Associate Co-ordinator.
  • Conduct cross checks on MA candidates as required and provide feedback to Chief Observer to collate trends etc.
  • NO to provide demonstration rides to LO to demonstrate higher riding skills and feedback to highlight higher Observing skills.
  • Organise and assist with Observer Training Sessions as required.
  • Conduct IMI Local Observer mock assessment sessions.
  • Conduct IMI National Observer training sessions and mock assessment sessions.
  • Attend Observer/training meetings and provide feedback on ‘team’ status as necessary.
  • Encourage Observers attendance at events where free assessed rides are offered.
  • Encourage the Observer Corp to continue to be ambassadors for the IAM and EKAM.
  • Each ‘team’ to provide an annual article for “Out in Front” EKAM magazine.
  • Provide opportunities for existing members to refresh/upgrade their skills.
  • Conduct annual Observer/Riding Skills check on team members.
  • Attend monthly Club Nights to promote Observer Corps.
  • Stand-in for Chief Observer at Observer, Committee and Regional/National Meetings as required.

This list is not exhaustive and may be updated at any time.

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