The Introduction to Advanced Motorcycling (ITAM) consists of a Saturday morning classroom session on the theory of advanced riding.  This takes places at Challock Village Hall, Blind Lane, Challock, off the A251 between Faversham and Ashford.  Courses are usually held monthly from March to October.

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The afternoon is then spent out on the road with an Observer who will assess your riding and provide you with a written report.  This is followed by a Saturday morning updating slow-speed machine control skills, usually the week following the ITAM. Associates are automatically enrolled on the Slow Riding course and will receive an invitation to attend shortly after attending the ITAM.

Class of March 2017

An observed run covers about 45 miles or 90 minutes plus debriefing, depending on the nature of the selected route, traffic conditions, and stops for comments and suggestions.  You will be followed by an Observer, trainee Observer, or perhaps both.  You may even have a Local Observer Assessor along assessing your Observer!  Observers may make use of radios for guidance and feedback and also high definition video to record and review your progress.  Any video recording will be solely used for your training purposes though you may request a copy of the file(s) from the Observer for your own personal use.  Your Observer will make you aware that they are recording the ride and you may ask that they do not do so if you're not entirely happy that they do so.

From this point on there is no fixed schedule of observed runs.  You decide between you where and when to meet.  The number of observed runs needed to achieve the required standard will vary from person to person, but whatever it takes the end result is worth the effort.  The Observers give their time and experience freely.

When your Observer thinks you are up to standard, another Observer will give you a check-ride, and if all is well you can apply for the test.

Other assistance can be gained from the Club meetings, where there will be talks on advanced riding skills, and from attending Club runs which give you the opportunity to learn from others.

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