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The quizzes presented here give an indication of the level of knowledge expected of all road users. When you take a quiz you will receive a score and the answers when you click on the Submit button.  EKAM also collects the results but they are entirely anonymous.

Are you passionate about encouraging your local community to become better and safer drivers and riders? Or maybe you remember how great it felt when you passed your Advanced test? With your skills and experience you can pass on this feeling and support onto others!

Through this volunteer role you’ll gain a qualification at no cost to you as it is covered by IAM RoadSmart.

To be eligible to take the IMI National Observer Assessment (Motorcycle), you must: -

  • Hold a full UK driving licence (i.e. Category A)
  • Meet the DVSA standard for medical fitness to drive, including the statutory eyesight requirement
  • Ensure that you have complied with IAM RoadSmart and legal requirements to report any change in your status as a driver or Rider. e.g. convictions, medical conditions
  • Be a current Full Member of IAM RoadSmart
  • Be a current Full Member of EKAM and have the approval of the Local Group Committee;
  • Be familiar with the content of the following publications:
    • Highway Code;
    • IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course Logbook
    • IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Observer’s Handbook
    • Roadcraft - The Police Riders Handbook
  • Complete an appropriate training course preparing you for the role of National Observer with the Club, and successfully completing the IMI National Observer Assessment

In addition, you will need to demonstrate: -

  • A high standard of riding in all conditions
  • Good communications skills
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Ability to identify riding faults and suggest how to remedy them
  • A commitment to the Club, the Observer Corps and Associates

Conceptual Model of the Route to Becoming an EKAM Observer

  • Pass IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test
  • Ride to a higher standard than that required to pass the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test
  • Interview with the Chief Observer to assess suitability
  • Have a Mentor allocated to you by the Observer Corps
  • Begin attending monthly Observer meetings regularly
  • Attend training ride-outs with Observer (Mentor) and Associate and satisfactorily complete all competences with mentor
  • Attend an ITAM during Observer training
  • Be registered for IMI National Observer assessment by Chief Observer when ready
  • Join Observer Corp on successful completion

Observer's Commitments

The club expects that you are able to give a reasonable amount of time to Observing activities whilst recognising the balance of other commitments in your life.

Observers are expected to have at least one active Associate but can take on more and your primary commitment is to them and their training . The training includes one-to-one rides with an Associate and also to be available for the afternoon rides following ITAM and to help with the Slow Riding Skills Course (Usually the first and second Saturdays of the month respectively March to October.)

In addition, you are expected to attend as many Observers' meetings – (Monthly on 1st Monday of the month) as possible and take part in other Observer related activities such as Open Days and Associate Ride Outs.

If you are interested, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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