"Advanced Views" gives a unique insight into successful motorcycling.  Come on board as our rider talks us through a variety of traffic conditions, explaining and demonstrating the techniques expected of a modern rider.  East Kent Advanced Motorcyclists are affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists but the views expressed in this DVD are entirely ours - you may not be so lucky to find them elsewhere.  This video is now somewhat dated and various roads depicted have changed their speed limits and layout.  However, the basic message remains as valid today as it did when this video was recorded.

Approximate running time: 43 minutes

"Advanced Views" demonstrates what advanced riding is all about.  This is the full HD video with a file size slightly shy of 1.5 GB so may take a while to stream to your device if you have a slow internet connection.

The rider commentary is just that, a commentary, as the rider is not in communication with any other riders depicted.

Regrettably the DVD is no longer available.

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