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A Bit of History

Back in the mists of time, around 1999, the EKAM Committee saw that people were joining the club to pass their IAM test and then drifting away as there was no further “official” coaching on offer to them. In an effort to combat this trend the Enhanced Advanced was introduced to enable members to continue the development of their skills. This has the same format as the IAM test but riders are expected to display more awareness and more precise skills in their ride; to aim for the “perfect” ride. Initially the Enhanced Advanced coaching was conducted in small groups with an experienced observer overseeing the entire group and to conduct pre-test check rides. In 2003 the system was changed to mirror the way observing is done in our ITAM, with more emphasis on one-to-one coaching.



(n'ha:ns) vb (tr). to intensify or increase in quality, value, etc.; augment, [C14 from Old French enhaucier, from EN + haucier to raise, from Vulgar Latin altiare (unattested), from Latin altus high]


In addition to our Enhanced Advanced, the IAM now have two extra assessments, the IAM Riding Assessment and the IAM Masters programme.

The IAM Riding Assessment can lead to a F1RST pass and this level of achievement will be replacing EKAM's Enhanced Advanced certification during 2017.

Standards Required

The standard IAM test is not graded; an associate either passes or fails. In reality the examiner has to make a decision on whether the associate has met a minimum standard subject to guidance provided by the IAM. The objective of the Enhanced Advanced is to improve on this. Riders will be required to show that they can make safe progress up to the limits imposed by the law, road, weather and traffic conditions. This requires more precise control of speed and positioning, greater awareness of actual and potential h

azards and better forward planning. While the emphasis will always be on safety, candidates will be expected to make progress by making full use of the available information.



(ad'va:nst) adj. 1. being ahead in development, knowledge, progress, etc.: advanced studies.  2. having reached a comparatively late stage: a man of advanced age.  3. ahead of the times: advanced views on religion.



Prospective observers will be required to undertake and pass the Enhanced Advanced assessment, gaining at least a 'Merit', prior to or early on in their observer training. Personal machine handling skills must be of a standard good enough to enable the trainee observer to follow and observe an associate in all traffic conditions.


The assessment for the Enhanced Advanced will be carried out by an IAM Examiner in the normal manner. The fee of £15 will be paid to the Examiner.

Assessment Standards

When the assessment is taken there will be certain categories:-

  • Failed to attain the required standard
  • Merit
  • Distinction

What To Do

Anyone wishing to enrol in the Enhanced Advanced preparation should give their name and contact details to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will make arrangements to conduct a short check ride and subsequent allocation of an observer.